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Garry Mathes, Committee Chair - 660-341-6625
Andy Jackson, Vice Chair—660-349-0988
Dave Pulliam, Secretary - 660-949-2273
Oscar Mensa, Treasurer—660-265-4356
Tim Clapp (NRCS Liaison)—660-385-2616
Kelly Nelson—660-739-4410
Mike Franke—660-739-4339
Michael Seipel—660-785-4316
Chad Triplett—660-341-4615
J. V. Norton—660-434-5522
Harold Trump—660-866-2240
Albert Zentz—660-323-5222
Karisha Devlin—660-397-2179
Zac Erwin—660-665-9866
Kristie Swaim—660-665-8106 
Leon James--660-341-7612
Ashley Johnson (NRCS Liaison)--660-665-3274 x3

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